The BePocketWIFI solution is ultra-simple, effective and economical.
It consists of a 4G modem that you can keep in your pocket and uses a secure wifi network all around you.

Broadband connection

Benefit from 4G/3G broadband throughout Belgium

Multiple connectivity

Connect up to 10 wireless devices simultaneously.


Our offer to you reduces roaming fees.
You save up to 95%.

Pocket sized

BePocketWIFI goes with you everywhere thanks to its pocket size

Internet browsing

Internet access at any time and anywhere with BePocketWIFI.

Stay in contact

Talk with your family and friends any time anywhere!

Social networks

Share your experiences at any time on social networks.

Access to maps

Use your smartphone or tablet to walk around and discover new places
Booking !
An innovative solution to stay connected when you travel

From Brussels through Paris, Rome, Florence, Berlin, Amsterdam, you want to maintain seamless connectivity to various 4G/3G network locations. BepocketWIFI guarantees it to you thanks to a strong partnership relating to network connectivity with the leading Belgian operator, PROXIMUS. Our solution gives you the benefit of an efficient Data service under more than surprising conditions.

Today, as the tourist that you are, you can better manage and save consumption and connectivity costs thanks to BepocketWIFI.

No complex configuration to perform

To use it, it's easy ... you  need to make a reservation ... everything easily done online, or with one of our partners …  
Depending on your choice, we make sure to send it to you before you leave (home), or just when you arrive in Europe either at your hotel, with one of our partners, at pick-up location at the airport or at the address of your choice... 

Depending on the chosen arrangement, your BePocketWifi will meet you upon your arrival … No complex configuration to perform, just needs you to connect through your wifi access with the settings provided.