Questions/general answers about BePocketWIFI

To make the booking, simply press “Order" from the BEPOCKETWIFI website.  The form allows you to select the arrangement that best suits you in terms of:

  • Geographical area of your stay (Belgium/Europe)
  • Duration of use: BepocketWifi is immediately ready for use upon receipt.
    For logistical reasons, you are requested to provide a period of 4 working days between the order of the equipment and its delivery.
  • The terms of delivery: BePocketWifi can be delivered wherever you want in Belgium, in Europe, in the world and, through the network of our partner hotels or tourism stakeholders, at any postal pick-up location (Belgium) or at a specific address that you have selected
    Quick tips: do not hesitate to leave a note concerning the terms of delivery (preferred hours, various information, etc.)

Automatically, the price will be calculated for you. It is important to note that you are making a reservation for a service and the rate mentioned is indicative.

Yes, BePocketWIFI is available through a partner network that is expanding day by day. These partners perform the transcoding of your reservation and manage the delivery and return of the BepocketWIFI.

Today, these partners include hotels eager to offer a complementary service to their customers, or tourism partners such as tourist offices, tourist information centres, or tourist attractions, etc. You will find these under our "Partners“ section

When making the reservation, several modes of delivery are available to you:

  • to an address of your choice (Belgium/Europe/World)
  • to the hotel where you are planning to stay during your trip
  • at a partner hotel or tourism partner (Tourist Info Centre/other, etc.)

As this is indeed a rental of equipment for a defined time:
You are required to return the BePocketWIFI.

No worry, everything is planned... Whatever the mode of delivery or reservation (internet/partner), your BePocketWIFI comes with a padded return envelope. The purpose of this padded envelope is to allow you to return your BePocketWIFI under the best conditions simply by sending a postal package.

This envelope includes prepaid shipment from Belgium. You will therefore need to supplement the envelope if the shipment is made outside of Belgium.

Another possibility is to drop off your BePocketWIFI with the partner that has made your reservation.  Upon the return of the equipment, the partner will conclude your reservation and give you a paper document certifying the return of your BePocketWIFI.

During your reservation, you make an online payment of an amount matching your reservation (e.g.: 3 day package 300Mb, Belgium, Belgium delivery)

In addition, a deposit in the amount of EUR 150 relating to the provision of the equipment is reserved under the selected method of payment and through the payment authorisation system generally used for equipment rentals.

During the return of the equipment, you receive a statement by mail of your consumption. In the case of excess-consumption (exceeding the 300Mb package, for example), the excess consumption is deducted from your deposit (according to our general sales conditions).

In the event of consumption in accordance with your package, the deposit is simply released.